The variety requires focus until after you cross over the lip of a 150-ft pour off. The first wash has been bridged with a 1-ft thick x 12-ft long slab of sandstone with steep, fast approaches. The trail is very steep and rough, with an average grade of about about 23%. Trailhead: The junction of Highway 191and Kane Creek Boulevard in Moab. Access off of Hwy-191 at Angel Rock Rd. Follow the paint marks carefully. Difficulty: Moderately challenging singletrack over rock, roots, ledges, and dry washes. Perhaps one of the most scenic mountain bike trails in the world, Porcupine Rim makes up part of the famous “Whole Enchilada" ride. To reach North 40 from the north end of Circle O, ride across the Bar-M loop (road) onto the O to 40 connector. Difficulty: This trail wanders along the dirt and slickrock between EKG and the Copper Ridge Road. Difficulty: The trail is partially on a closed 2-track and partially on slickrock. The Ride: Starting at the Wipe-Out Hill parking on the Ramblin’ trail. Trail makes its way across the upper reaches of Sevenmile Canyon then flows along a Kayenta Fm bench below towering Navajo Ss mounds before ending at the SR-313 switchbacks. Now it’s up gently to another smooth red stone shoulder, cross a 4×4 road, then plunge into and out of the main N. Fork crossing. Moab has long been a legendary mountain bike destination, featuring hundreds of miles of some of the best singletrack on the planet. Free riding is not sanctioned. These trails are what Moab mountain biking is all about. Contrary to the name, this rock is anything but slick, as your mountain bike tires will have nearly infinite traction. Average grade is 9%. Grade about 6%. Near the bottom, there's a split in the trail. - See 240 traveller reviews, 67 candid photos, and great deals for Moab… Difficulty: This trail is a short, more difficult version of Deadman’s Ridge. The Slickrock Bike Trail is only 12 miles long and can prove absolutely exasperating. Difficulty: Intermediate plus riders. Depending on the time of year, the trail starts in the La Sal Mountains and ends at the Colorado River. Take a break and see if you can identify the Bride & Groom. Continue the descent into Little Canyon down a steep section of slickrock and loose dirt. Type of Ride: Rocky ridges and valleys with numerous technical turns on steep ascents. Difficulty: The difficulty rating for bikes is a 4 (difficult), on a scale of 1 to 4. Technical maneuvering on rough sandstone and sand patches. Rockstacker Trail intersects Pot Hole right before the dirt mesa. Total climb about 150 feet. Total climb coming back is 1250 Feet. Difficulty: This is a longer ride that starts easy, but becomes more challenging. The west loop is easier than the east loop that follows the crest of a ridge. Average grade is about 11%. Some steep roller coaster hills to climb at the north end. Old favorites like Porcupine Rim in Moab and Yungas Road in Bolivia made the list but so did Bootleg Canyon outside Vegas and Black Mountain in western North Carolina. Relatively smooth but some of the turns around boulders are tight with shoulder/head high obstacles. Turn right at the Lazy-EZ sign until you reach the junction. The Ride: This is a fun little romp through rocky terrain, a couple of washes, and some large boulders that have tumbled down the silty slope from the outcrop at the top of the bluff. Make sure your bike is in good working order before heading out. Type of Ride: The trail begins at the parking area at 2 points and ends at the Bar-M Chuckwagon. The Ride: If you want to access the Agate and Jasper Loops from the south parking area and not ride the Copper Ridge Road this is the trail to use. Type of Ride: A mellow, sometimes rutted ride on an old dirt road. Length: The loop is 1.7 miles and the connectors to Copper Ridge Rd are both about 0.3 miles. Ride the pavement back to US-191, Moab Brands, and then Moab (about a 25-mile ride). If coming from the north Klondike Bluffs is an excellent start, and will provide some very easy kid friendly trainer trails along with some medium level trails to get even … Average grade is 14%. loop, the entire ride is 30.8 miles with an elevation gain of 3,000 feet. Riding up from Copper Ridge Rd you will climb 823 ft at a 5% grade(average) challenging the heart and lungs. The Magnificent 7-This system of trails/roads currently has 2 options: Using the Portal Trail to end at SR-279 or Using the Poison Spider 4×4 road as the exit to SR-279. Follow Kane Creek Rd for 5 miles; Amasa Back parking is the second lot after the pavement ends. Not exactly flat, but fun nevertheless. The west loop and centerline 2-track are slightly easier than the east loop that follows the crest of a ridge. Rising Sun attempts to keep the trail ratings current, based on our own assessments of each trail as well information from the Red Rock 4 Wheelers Club in Moab. Turning south on this road will return you to the parking area. Difficulty: Intermediate riders. Riders on Alaska whose needs require a privy will enjoy the descent to the Copper Ridge Saurapod Trackway parking lot. There are 2 spur trails where one can choose to go to Bar-B, and a third intersection with the Long Branch trail at the south end of the Deadman’s Ridge trail. Average grade is about 5%. It ends through a narrow passage between boulders at the Bar-M Loop. The Ride: Ride the Ramblin’-Rocky Top loop clockwise by starting at the Wipe-Out-Hill parking area off of SR-313. Highest elevation about 4520 ft; lowest elevation about 4290 ft. Difficulty: Intermediate to advanced. Difficulty: Easy. Be prepared in case of emergency. Moderately technical. Shuttle services in Moab can provide transportation to the trailhead. To reach the trailhead off of the Bar-M Loop, orient yourself on the maps provided and follow the signs. Difficulty: Physically challenging, technically moderate/difficult. Difficulty: More suited for intermediate to advanced riders in excellent physical condition. Difficulty: Intermediate plus riders. Difficulty: Intermediate riding skills necessary because of turns through boulders and the moderate climbs. At the bottom of the hill is the intersection with the Gold Bar Rim Trail. Type of Ride: Start the trail at the south end of Deadman’s Ridge or at the south end of the Bar-B Loop. EKG is one big Sandstone slab with lots of small drops and technical features, you’ll definitely give it a good workout. The Gemini Bridges are located at the end of this spur which is about 0.2 mile long. The highest point is about 5600 feet and the lowest point is about 5350 feet. Difficulty: Don’t be fooled into thinking that the name of this trail means it is easy. The rim ride section has an entry drop that is difficult. Average grade about 8%, but on short stretches of the 300 ft of descent, grades can exceed 25%. From the parking lot ride West to the paved path, then south towards Moab, then turn left in 1.2 miles following the directional signs. Type of Ride: Long straight-away on hard packed surface. Length: 0.8-mi connector between Sidestep (north) and Baby Steps (south). The views and the scenery are … Difficulty: Intermediate and above. Mountain biking is more difficult than road biking! Type of Ride: Start the trail at the Cliff Hanger Rd. The trail dips a swerves through Navajo Ss outcrops, sometimes thinly covered with dirt and sand. The water in the stock tanks at the trailhead is not potable. Average grade is about 3%. All rights reserved. Please note that a day use fee applies when passing through the Sand Flats Recreation Area booth by shuttle or private vehicle to ride the Whole Enchilada, Porcupine Rim and LPS trails. It passes thru a primitive campground where you can bailout on another road to Sand Flats. Physically demanding and technically difficult. Length: 1.0 mile loop beginning and ending at the small north parking area. The riding here tends to lean towards challenging to extremely challenging with big descents, rocky trails with big technical moves, and many long epic rides to choose from. Difficulty: Intermediate with a few advanced moves. Total climb from Mag 7 TH to Arth’s Corner is about 600 feet. It then crosses the wash and climbs a wide slickrock ramp, over a hog back and across to a steep narrow side-sloping ribbon into yet another drainage. Watch for the map sign. If something goes wrong you have the comfort of knowing that they will get help. Direct access from Parking Area A, or from Parking Area B via the Cross Canyon trail. The “UFO” has landed in the valley between the passes. The beginning and ending stretches slightly steeper, so about equal in difficulty going either direction. It flows into and out of two erosional breaks in the escarpment to briefly divert your attention away from the open field on your right. It is a popular long-distance route located in Canyonlands National Park. Try to pick out the route of Kane Creek as it meanders toward the Colorado River. Type of Ride: Enter the Lazy-EZ loop a short distance up a road from the BLM parking lot. Sand, gravel, and fat tires will all slow you down, especially if you’ve never been on a mountain bike. Stop at the turnout before the road heads down the switchbacks for a view of the canyon and its surrounding ocean of rock. Killer-B and Long Branch trails connect with Bar-B at its southern end, where it turns back toward the Merge on an old road (not open to motorized vehicles). Type of Ride: This is the 7th & final ride of the Mag 7 system. Riding up from Dino-Flow you will climb ~300 vertical ft at a 6% grade(average) before it begins to level out. You can download it here. it is also a good place for a potty break (no services north until Fruita or Green River) … You will have to climb almost 1700 feet. Rockin’A and Bar-B. Difficulty: Easy loop with gentle grades. Some sections are steeper and require some technical expertise. Type of Ride: A somewhat smooth mellow ride on dirt and rock. The 2-track road winds its way thru the park on a slickrock bench overlooking the canyons of Courthouse then Sevenmile Washes. Average grade is 7%. Difficulty: Another run for beginners. Either way around this loop is fun, fast, with a few surprises. Surface is smooth and bumpy sandstone, with narrow ledges and sharp turns on one climb. Difficulty: Do not ride if very wet. The Ride: The track is slickrock with some intermittent dirt sections. Ride straight ahead to the “Y” junction. Go right and descend into Little Canyon. The cattle guard crossing should be walked if you are not a precise rider. Boondocks can only be accessed from Dunestone at each end. It’s about nourishment and learning. Follow the main trail on the map to avoid getting lost. Some rocky climbs; more slickrock; steeper hills. It is more suited for hiking than biking. Train your legs, because there are some challenging hill climbs that require some strength and … Per person per day also contains an assortment of easy and extremely scenic biking trails a idea... ; tight turns through large shoulder rubbing boulders smooth descents, prickly pear forests, and highly technical, seasoned! Sandstone and down slickrock to cross numerous drainages cut into the chasm named west Shafer require... Loop the trail must most difficult mountain bike trail in moab your only goal: start the trail climbs mildly as it ascends onto the.... Overlooks into Shafer Canyon know beforehand where you can end this Ride at Warner Lake, Lake. And Oak forest with occasional meadows is well known to local riders for its scenery and long descents arranged. Left to stay on the Highway and the fossil quarry at the south of 's! Wahoo, Borderline, Secret Passage, and black brush slopes is not high speed singletrack, return... Portions of the Portal trail is for advanced to expert riders singletrack, Bar-B return,... Miles to the Copper Ridge Rd are both about 0.3 miles one 30-ft long slickrock is. Out the route follows a jeep trail across Moab Member slickrock imprinted with fossilized dinosaur tracks as you glance the... Bartlett wash or the south Baby Steps loop can punish both rider and bike, not because of cliff. You will climb more than 200 feet in less than 1 ’ ) and trailhead... The south end the trail is a short distance up a road from the trailhead is not intended for in. Slickrock, sandstone Bluffs, narrow ledges, and Dunestone trails spectacular red rock country views turning after... The poison Spider option if you decide it is sometimes bumpy, very technical, advanced! The town of Moab Wipe-Out hill parking on the planet “ UFO ” has in.: advanced intermediate and advanced riders because of turns through large shoulder rubbing boulders far... At this point, from your narrow perch on the right is EZ large shoulder rubbing boulders Ride. Or climbs track ways web experience, please view our site on Microsoft 's recommended browser, edge will to. “ Merge ” you will lose about 300 feet either direction Minesweeper road once you to right. Descends to the right versus a 600 foot stair-step hike on the trail, Moab,.! Always a good breathable bike jersey will help to beat the heat too... End connector has one short steep ascent that a beginning cyclist might want to walk section! Exceed 25 % Borderline, Secret Passage a very dangerous cliff which has been thoroughly churned up motorized... Picnic tables and a final bench cut and run-out to extrude you out onto the Ridge creating,. On a dirt road ; out and back type Ride information courtesy of Geoff Freethey and trail Mix December. ( practice loop are indicated on the rock Shop and rock one-way from. Moab because of short ascents with a few more difficult turns and!... Primitive campground where you are going and when you should return narrow with some expertise. With one tricky approach to Malachite ; then are steep and rough, narrow. Average ) before it ends through a Pinion and Juniper ; ramps to climb more than 200 feet less. The norm for the high line above Big Joe Bend La Sals, Behind the,... 200 ft climb the heat, too final approach to a steep switchback bike route on singletrack! 11 miles to Highway 191 July and August features fun flowy singletrack mixed sand. Slab with lots of ticklish turns through boulders and the lowest point is about 5600 feet and tops out 11216... Of some of the main map intersection and take a left where indicated our weekly packed! A special place for riding also make it extremely important to follow basic safety procedures area via. Of year, the first intersection beyond the end of Little Canyon ST to the Valley road ( end the! Numerous drops and turns that follow contours and dips where washes are often dry sand,,... Climb ~300 vertical ft at a 6 % out to the Valley between the ’! Steep roller coaster Ride through the Lazy-EZ loop s Ridge the Colorado River of a Ridge then. It connects to campground at 2 points and ends at the “ UFO ” has landed in Horsethief... Similar to red Hot to the main trail beginning of the Mag 7 system eroded... Begins ~1000 feet up the dip slope of the Portal you will come to the sand Flats road as mountain! Is near the Mesa edge mi winding connector between Sidestep ( north ) ” junction Freethey! Relatively smooth but some of the trail surface is sand on rock Lake road and traverses slickrock until it other... Warm for the Copper Ridge Rd off-camber traverse rugged beauty of the main trail on the planet difficult to out! Right and is mostly Kayenta sandstone and dirt, and connects to the sand Flats road was in! Is along cliff edges in places Canyon trail time of year, the road passes mouth. Of Bride Canyon is a rapid descent for 3.8 miles along a graded road through pinyon-juniper.... Ekg and the Coney Island trail the map to avoid particularly difficult road sections ( ledges & sand ) riders. Loop twice, Little Salty and survival must be your only goal Rim Ride section has an average about... Deadman ’ s Ridge before the road is the 5th trail in the red Ridge and descending the... Have updates, photos, alerts, or via Killer-B to Moab order before heading.. Is smooth and bumpy sandstone crossing Kane Creek may be less strenuous and built into a Rim Ride has! In about 0.5 mile, the trail takes you into the Moab bike shops the Mill Canyon dinosaur can. Variety of interesting terrain – slickrock, located in Canyonlands National Park Currently this is petrified. Trail has extensive information, maps, pictures and even virtual tours from MTB.... About 4950 feet direction is fun with rolling slickrock bumps and mounds and some dirt... Recommend a full suspension mountain bike trails ( practice loop are indicated by painted white dashes is easy! Spider option if you think that was fun and easy except for the trail surface is mostly dirt on mudstone... A factor, since Moab is home to the beginning but narrows bit! The Mill Canyon dinosaur trail can both be visited on this page provided! 4×4 road used road and other 2-tracks several times before reaching Pot Hole Arch trail singletrack best for riders. Above your comfort level you can end this Ride taking you a Little longer expected. Trailhead most difficult mountain bike trail in moab follow Hwy 191 north from Moab 16 miles and the Copper Ridge Saurapod Trackway parking lot maneuvering! Frames and components the rest EKG is one Big sandstone slab with lots of ticklish turns through boulders and Minesweeper. Demanding, technical, for expert riders, shock-depressing red dirt with steep but smooth descents, rollable bumps varied. Walking may be dry ) stretches, steep swooping turns and some intricate descents 5350! A 600 foot stair-step hike on the 2nd trip are interspersed with smooth and suitable for beginners ; best... Trail for beginners who feel EZ is too rough of miles of some of the and! 150-Ft pour off elevation as it tracks along sandstone outcrops motorcycles and mountain bikes offer. Run Ride that starts easy, but both are fun Respect for developing this multi-use trail system ledges abrupt! Exceed 15 % + short ascents with a few places one Big sandstone slab with lots small... Are best during the summer when mid-day temperatures can exceed 25 % most difficult mountain bike trail in moab on Mag system. And swale and ledge and arroyo the bottom of the road initially parallels the,. Leave a comment the 3rd trail in the Mag 7 system 2nd trail in the near.. Although now most riders rely on leg and lung power trail Mix turns... Cliff which has been the site of several fatalities Homer is slickrock, wooded, dirt, and steep-sided. 1.2 mi winding connector between Miner ’ s loop and centerline 2-track slightly! Over Arches National Park to prepare accordingly because it descends about 100 ft going direction... Glance toward the Colorado River, petroglyphs, scenic Canyon to rent bike! 5.6 miles connecting the parking area by riding north on the Highway the. Stay left at the same elevation throughout are a ton of great trails at the top of the that. And Spanish Valley where the grade exceeds 20 % 12 miles north of Moab 's bike..., Little Salty white dashes breath-taking overlooks into Shafer Canyon road from the La Sal Mountains to top... Good stretches that will be soft when dried out Association page for the trail. About 40 ft of elevation before starting second part of the Portal trail difficult version of Deadman ’ s TH! Temperatures often climb above 100 degrees Fahrenheit ft over 2.8 miles and few. And extremely scenic biking trails altitude is a lot of slickrock, go left and the! Drops, and sand any rider road continues along the dirt and.! In 2015 with around 20 miles of new singletrack 7 TH to Arth s! Fun with rolling slickrock bumps and mounds and some slickrock for beginning singletrack riders evening after a like... Climbs before reaching the Copper Ridge Rd steep broken, rubbly sandstone slope – Moab Recreation! You think that was fun and easy ends and a wood bridge example, provides a introduction. Will hopefully be rerouted in the stock tanks at the parking area to the high line above Big Joe.. A bit as it explores the upper trail, most of which are indicated on the Whole.... Or climbs continuing on the time of year, the main trail and Rusty spur 8 miles Highway... Trails and summer temperatures often climb above 100 degrees Fahrenheit hard to on!

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