Black, Black Breasted Red, Golden Duckwing, Silver Duckwing and White. Varieties: Black, Black Breasted Red, Golden Duckwing, Silver Duckwing, & White Golden Duckwing; Silver Duckwing; Araucana Chicken Eggs and Egg Laying. The darker colored varieties of this chicken may have black or blue legs. Should work the same in araucana as game birds. The APA recognizes five colors of Araucana: Black, Black Breasted Red, Golden Duckwing, Silver Duckwing and White. I have asked quite a few judges at poultry shows the difference between golden duckwing and silver duckwing in the araucana and the answer is pretty much a shrug of the shoulders. Size and Weight. And Araucana chicken has similarities with other chickens, especially the Ameraucana and Easter Egger. Reserve Champion AOSB SouthEast District Fair Poultry Show October 1, … This is not a full listing of all of our members, only those opting to be contacted by the public. Photo via Backyard Chickens 1. The bantam variety also include buff as a recognized color. As if finding a well colored golden duckwing rooster was not difficult, try finding a well colored golden duckwing hen. Golden Duckwing carry only the silver gene or genes plus autosomal red and possibly mahogany. An adult male weighs about 5 pounds while a hen weighs around 4 pounds. The red in the golden duckwing is only present in the males. They came from a cross between two breeds from Northern Chile, Colloncas and Quetros. The Araucana is a clean-legged chicken, unlike the Brahma chicken, and the color of their legs may vary depending upon the color of the chicken. Silver duckwing females and golden duckwing females look the same. .Six Breeds have golden duckwing as a variety. Characteristics of Araucana Chicken GOLDEN DUCKWING ARAUCANA "Golden Duckwing . The accepted Araucana color variations are black, black breasted red, silver duckwing, golden duckwing, and white. Araucanas For Sale Learn More About Araucanas at Araucana Club of America. Both full sized Araucana chickens and bantam breeds are recognized, and recognized color varieties in the United States include black breasted red, silver duckwing, golden duckwing, black, and white. Golden Duckwing Araucana Cock "Buck" 2015 ABEC National Champion Large Fowl (Standard Varieties) Reserve of Variety Panhandle Poultry Club Winter Show Pensacola, Florida December 12, 2015. Golden Duckwing: The golden duckwing colour has a horn beak with red eyes, their shanks and toes are willow with a standard golden wing plumage. The Araucana Chicken breed is particularly known to produce Blue to Bluish Green Eggs. In the United States it may be known as the South American Rumpless. It is not commonly seen except in Modern Game and Old English Game. They should have the same E locus and be wild type. “ Araucanas were first bred in the United States in the 1930’s. Tim Due to Covid-19 restrictions, please confirm events are happening with organizers before attending. Araucana Chicken Eggs/Colour: Blue Eggs. Araucana Characteristics. Eggs laid per year and color One of the reasons many people still opt for this bird breed is the fact that they lay blue eggs. The Araucana comes in black, black red, silver duckwing, white, and golden duckwing. . Araucanas are fairly small chickens. Male hackle and saddle are free of black striping and this feature differentiates it from the golden variety. The list of breeders below are all members of the Araucana Club of America. They are one of a few breeds of chicken, together with the Ameraucana that does this.

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