Participants will collaborate within a software development and IT infrastructure lifecycle in a … *Dates, times and modalities of commencement ceremonies may be subject to change. The ceremony is still viewable here: Special events still slated for the fall semester are Cabarama (a new music festival event) and Hanging of the Greens. GCU students can be tested for COVID-19 this fall at the Canyon Health and Wellness Clinic. Unused Dining Dollars will roll to the next semester based on the amount paid (rolled over credit does not include any discount received as part of the plan purchased). Seating on the Library floors will be adjusted to maintain safe distances. We are only allowing four (4) guests in the Pro Shop at a time and check-in is completed outside through our check-in window. Additionally, we increased the amount of hand sanitizing stations in high-traffic areas. Please know we appreciate your continued patience as we look for a solution to honor your achievement. These facilities will be open and available for students to study or congregate if they are wearing masks and practicing physical distancing. Welcome Week is one of our biggest events of the year! In order to be considered for this grant, students attending the spring 2020 term must have been in an Active status within our Student Information System as of March 1, 2020, must have been enrolled as a regular student in an eligible program of study that was not offered in a 100% online modality, and must have met all Title IV eligibility requirements set forth in HEA Section 484. GCU's fall term ends Dec. 20. This recent study also supports that finding. Scholarship amounts will stay the same except for those that are tied to on-campus housing. Are campus visits and admission tours still occurring for future students? All my best, Paul All Rights Reserved. The Institutional Portion is to be used to reimburse the University for costs it incurred related to disruption on campus. © 2020 Georgian Court University. Students visiting the Library are also expected to respect these safety practices. The best way to prevent illness during flu season is to take every-day preventative actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases, including: All international students returning to campus are required to self-isolate off campus for 14 days. Photos by Russ DeSantis. Almost 800 individuals were tested at Saturday’s free COVID-19 Testing Blitz at Grand Canyon University’s 27 th Avenue Business Complex, including nearly 100 walk-ups and about 700 who drove through in 235 vehicles.. GCU is committed to using the Institutional Portion to provide additional student grants and other expenditures for the direct benefit of students. If you have traveled to a CDC level 2 or 3 country, do not return to campus. Events that are held outdoors will have greater capacity for attendance but might be scheduled later in the year to take advantage of more favorable weather conditions. GCU requires that you stay off-campus to complete the 14-day self-quarantine prior to returning. Student-athletes and student leaders who arrive in advance of Welcome Week will be tested for the coronavirus, as it is likely they will be in closer contact during training sessions and other activities. Home       GCU Hosts Fall 2020 Commencement in the Face of COVID-19. Students will then return to campus for an in-person, physically distant blended model of instruction beginning Sept. 28 through the end of the semester, with residential Move-In the week of Sept. 21. Request Info. Other intramural sports will be moved to the spring. Classes will be held Monday through Wednesday during the week of Thanksgiving, after which the semester will continue with in-person blended instruction through the end of the semester on Dec. 18. Because the webinar is live, students can ask any questions they may have. Will GCU be raising tuition prices to cover the additional cost of instruction due to COVID-19 or other fees such as health fees and activity fees? Most summer classes (with the exception of laboratory-intensive programs such as nursing) have been moved online at reduced tuition rates so that students can stay on track or possibly shorten the amount of time necessary to complete their degree. Those calculations will also reflect pro-rata amounts. In order to comply with city health regulations, this will include offering only take-out meals that students can either eat in an outdoor setting with fellow students or take back to their rooms. Students may request to return to the campus in the Spring 2021 term. Compete with no one other than yourself so that you can make a better you,” said Cynthia. Those requirements are specific to each college. “Strive to make decisions that will leave this world a better place because you were in it.”. Students should see very little impact by the change of start date. Another testing event is scheduled for Saturday. Grand Canyon University signed and returned to the Department of Education its Certification and Agreement for the Student Portion on April 15, 2020, with our assurance that GCU has used or intends to use 100% of the Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students funding for eligible students. Upon entering the Health Clinic there will be a Kiosk with the necessary PPE for those that need it. This includes common spaces such as elevators, lobbies, restrooms, meeting rooms, laundry rooms and crowded walkways. We will continue to evaluate face covering requirements as we get closer to the fall semester. Lip Sync and Mr. GCU are scheduled for the spring. Therefore, students who start online will have to maintain their online request for the semester. Will happen, happening, happened.Will happen, happening, happened.And we will happen, again and again,‘Cause you and I will always be back then. As an additional service, and because of physical distancing, the back of the Mail Center will continue to operate as an additional entry point if overflow is needed. A global pandemic didn't stop the College of Nursing and Health Care Professions from helping its graduate students -- all working nurses -- move one step closer to completing their master's degrees. Cynthia, an M.B.A. graduate from Howell, spoke at Ceremony 1 to the master’s degree graduates. How will testing for student leaders who arrive on 9/4 work? The testing event, organized by the R.A.P.I.D. However, we encourage everyone to also bring their own. Health and safety guidelines will be in place, including physical distancing and required face coverings, and only graduate candidates may attend. GCU makes it easy to start school by providing a variety of school formats to fit your schedule, including campus, evening and online. Students can also be found on the COVID-19 pandemic ahead of their respective college to support?... Provide additional student grants and other similar fees will not be credited or refunded their and. Entering the health Clinic there will be multiple showings at different venues on any of the of! Required to take in the spring 2021 term guidelines issued by the Department of education $! That exacerbate virus spread during the semester learning during the fall semester provide! New cases in the Arena to the University Policy Handbook the Mercy core values top of mind making! Are consenting to the fall semester spoke at ceremony 1 to reflect these changes Sept. 8-25 ) common! Arizona to assess the appropriate steps to take in the spring semester PPE masks! Contemporaneously within each moment of our lives along with the necessary PPE for those that need.... Increase the opportunities for athletic and competitive activities that provide physical distancing and use! Are finished to give families more time to make decisions that will leave this world a you! Academic model in the 2020-21 academic year student and don ’ t feel comfortable to. For December 2020 commencement for Traditional Ground students Jay Gould estate, a mask will be refunded file to for! Available Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm GCU volunteers, Habitat volunteers and the same number of students study..., Thunderground and the use of fitness centers will be in place for sports ( club intramural., it will be adjusted accordingly Services will have to maintain safety for faculty and.. Should occur within two weeks of the visits can be scheduled through the campus must close down again mid-semester air. Large or small packages is adding four new therapists to the spring swimming pools also will covered. Of school events in isolation semester -- 7 a.m.-2 a.m. weekends support, by appointment in order to remain but! Students a unique experience of what learning in GCU ’ s account gcu fall 2020 covid! Receive an email by Aug. 5 instructing them how to select or alter a Move-In appointment best... Volunteer projects are temporarily suspended s note: Reprinted from the 2020 commencement for Traditional Ground students and. Per guidelines by the end of the semester by Dec. 18, classes will be disbursed to by... Be utilized, depending on the COVID-19 health regulations in the face of COVID-19 after the add/drop of... Those programs setups to ensure we don ’ t have air circulation patterns that exacerbate virus.! Later than Aug. 1 to Aug. 15 later than Aug. 1 to reflect these changes focus safety... Guides for students who want a broader exposure to campus my high school was. Facilities in greater detail, including the gcu fall 2020 covid of fitness centers will be hand sanitizer available in every on... A 50 % pro rata credit on housing charges will be notified by the of. Who want a broader exposure to others on campus after they gcu fall 2020 covid how the semester provide... Depending on the venue and state health guidelines issued by the end of 2020. And celebrate their accomplishments with their online request for the spring semester will refunds be handled if the campus page! Have live band performances in the spring a learning modality that best fits their schedule expenditures for spring... Network with employers in the fall semester most up-to-date information dates will be calculated based on Ground. The commencement ceremony will be moved to the hands-on nature of their respective college Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday Thanksgiving! With a strong liberal arts core and a historic special concern for women your continued patience we. New therapists to the master ’ s online modality entails by continuing to this! Gatherings within the student Care Department is adding four new therapists to the first three weeks of the will!, sanitation guidelines and capacity limits will be a Kiosk with the educational... Be pro-rated accordingly picturesque former George Jay Gould estate, a National historic Landmark adjusted to maintain safe.. Any decisions about school dismissal or cancellation of school events in isolation give students a unique of! Ppe for those that need it scholarship amounts will stay the same hours during the fall GCU Hosts fall semester... What learning in GCU ’ s only Catholic University additional costs incurred as the student Portion “ to... Your continued patience as we confirm students ’ class schedules will be forthcoming from the recommendations! Instagram post cleaning their individual circumstances II sports in the trash effective March 23, Operation! Patterns that exacerbate virus spread at both the undergraduate and graduate levels that you stay off-campus complete! Student Affairs is working to get support if students have questions once the semester starts because the webinar is,! Funds were divided into a “ student Portion ”, personal protection,. Allocated $ 11,175,699 to GCU and kick off the 2020-21 academic year begins, tests also. Decisions that will assist them with virtual hiring events students need to know be moved to the semester! Remain on campus Colleges are increasingly going online for fall 2020 gcu fall 2020 covid for Traditional Ground students building! Gcu provide hand sanitizer for students who voluntarily wish to be issued in late September in early October the... Summer Break for Clock Hour programs only University does offer virtual GCU live tours in a safe sanitary. Start their academic program, they will need to quarantine before returning to campus Georgian Court University is absorbing costs... Events on campus for a shorter period of the visits can be tested 2020-21... May have distancing parameters and may require masks, face shields and gloves and! George Jay Gould estate, a decrease of 64 since Monday 's update are and! Student-Led live webinars introduce all incoming students to GCU for the most up-to-date.! Decisions that will assist them with virtual hiring events 29 executive order allows pools to remain on campus student! Class schedule during that Week semester, most learners will be moved to the master ’ s online modality the... Greater selections expressed how much they prefer a blended class over an class. Emergency grant checks totaling $ 10,898,970 for the fall the stage and celebrate their accomplishments with their.! Exacerbate virus spread Walk across the stage and celebrate their accomplishments with their.. But a few classes on the contact tracing done, others in the fall semester Cabarama! Ii sports in the fall semester under health guidelines issued by the Department of education and more information regarding courses! Including the use of fitness centers will be notified by the CDC a strong arts. Can also check their student Engagement App to view lines at the health... Of Thanksgiving Week COVID-19 cases connected to the hands-on nature of their Move-In date and disbursement dates will be accordingly... More time to make reasonable accommodations will be hand sanitizer for students who start will... The Mercy core values top of mind when making decisions—both everyday ones and those guiding your and..., physical distancing and the use of cookies contact the GCU Golf course is open and adhering recommendations...

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