This is a University standard and cannot be appealed. Sociology major requirements UVM catalogue. 18 credit hours from the major must be completed at the University of Utah; Major courses must be completed with a C- or better; Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA . As a sociology major, you can choose an emphasis in law and society, social services, comparative studies and world development, or general sociology. Undergraduate Sociology Handbook; Available at 3070 Lincoln Hall. Sociology Major. In addition to the requirements listed above for a Sociology major, Case Western Reserve University also requires all undergraduate students to participate in SAGES. Course Requirements TWO Lower-Division Courses Required to Qualify to Declare the Major. A sociology degree provides a broad background in sociological theory and valuable methodological training. Sociology. Requirements for the BA Degree with a Major in Sociology. If you declared the Sociology major before Fall 2016 your major requirements are slightly different. Major Requirements for Emory Sociology The major requires 12 courses in Sociology (minimum 36 hours) and a GPA of 2.0 or higher within the major. LEARNING GOALS The Sociology Department’s learning goals can be found HERE. Planning the Major; Home; Academics; Majors and Concentrations; Sociology; Major and Requirements; It may take a moment for the course(s) to appear below. 5. Requirements. Supporting Coursework *** Every Sociology major must complete 12 hours of supporting coursework. Major Requirements Required Courses Course Number Course Description Units SOC 300 GW Sociological Analysis GWAR (SOC 300 GW is a prerequisite for all other required courses in the major) 4 SOC 370* Bachelor of Arts in Sociology - Sociology Program, Department of Sociology and Sexuality Studies - San Francisco State University Both courses must be passed with a C+* or better prior to declaring the major. If you would prefer to be on the new set of requirements, contact the Sociology Department with your ID number and request. The Department of Sociology offers academically gifted and highly motivated students the opportunity to graduate with departmental honors. These requirements include First Seminar (first year), two University Seminars (by the end of the second year), a Department Seminar (third year) and finally a Senior Capstone. All courses must be taken for graded credit and must completed with at least a "C" or better. The requirements for the major in sociology are: Prerequisite: SOCI 1101 Introductory Sociology Required: STAT 2000 (Introductory Statistics) OR SOCI 3610 (Quantitative Methods of Social Research), SOCI 3220 (Development of Sociological Theory), and SOCI 3580 (Research Methods in Sociology) The Sociology Major combines a solid foundation in sociological theories, perspectives, methods, and analysis, with the opportunity to focus your elective courses around topics that interest you. Students may substitute two courses from another four-year institution or an approved study abroad program toward the major requirement – except to fulfill SOC 3030: Introduction to Research Methods and SOC 3001: Social Theory. Students who started at CSUN in Fall 2018 or earlier: If you are a student who falls into this category, we are encouraging you to switch to the new major requirements for the B.A. Consult your Degree Guide to see exactly what remains to be completed. Expand In This Section . 30 credits in sociology, including Soc 101; Both theory courses (Soc 221 and Soc 223) Basic Research Methods (Soc 240) Social Statistics (Soc 241) Six credits of upper level sociology courses (300/400) Nine credits in any level ; Courses cannot be used more than once to fulfill major requirements. SOC101Y1, or a combination of SOC102H1+ SOC103H1, SOC102H1+ SOC150H1, SOC103H1+ SOC150H1, or SOC100H1+ SOC150H1.. 2. You can declare your specialization through the Student Service Centre. Switching into Sociology. For advisement regarding the Sociology major, contact Thaddesia Southall to request an appoint, please click here. SOCI-001 Introduction to Sociology (before junior year) SOCI-201 Methods of Social Research (fall of senior year) SOCI-202 Sociological Theory (before spring of senior year) 3. A major in Sociology is comprised of eleven courses: ten sociology courses and a statistics course, as described below. Core Requirements: 12 Credits (All core requirements except for SOC 101 must be passed with a “C” or better.) Students pursuing the BA degree with a major in Sociology must complete: A minimum of 11 courses (33-34 credit hours, depending on course selection) to satisfy major requirements. 1.0 credit from SOC251H1, SOC252H1, and SOC254H1. Apply. Before declaring a major in Sociology students must complete SOC 1010-Introductory Sociology and one other sociology course for a total of 6-credit hours. Students majoring in sociology are required to complete 33 credit hours of work in Sociology (36 credit hours for students in the Honors Research Program Track). For a list of requirements, please click here. 276 Reuben-Cooke Building 417 Chapel Drive Box 90088 Durham, NC 27708-0088 Phone: (919) 660-5614 Fax: (919) 660-5623 in Sociology (SOC) In addition to adhering to the UC Merced and School of Social Science, Humanities and Arts requirements, the Sociology major requires at least 52 units in Sociology and related courses. Students in the major have priority access to the program’s upper-division seminars and many of our more popular classes. The requirements for pursuing the sociology honors track are as follows: Sociology Major … Requirements for the B.A. Sociology The sociology major at Trinity College is designed to provide students with the theoretical and methodological tools to analyze the reciprocal relationship between the individual and society. Schedule of Courses. in Sociology (listed below) to streamline your path to graduation (however you are not required to do so). Majoring in Sociology requires that you take and satisfactorily complete 9 units of lower division “preparation for the major" courses and a minimum of 30 upper division units of Sociology with a 2.5 GPA both in Sociology and Overall. Students choosing to participate in the honors program are required to complete 6 hours of honors credit in the department, normally spanning two semesters. Please review this information carefully, as requirements for entering our major change depending upon your time at Texas A&M. 4. Sociology Major Requirements for a Major in Sociology: Nine three-credit courses (Total 27 credits) Courses Prerequisite One 1000-level course none Soci 2010 Select two of the following three courses. The major thus consists of nine total sociology courses which include the introductory course SOCI 101, and three specific required courses, SOCI 250 and 251–252 (a two-course sequence). Sociology Major Requirements. If you are a current Texas A&M student (completed at least one semester at Texas A&M), our requirements are as follows: The honors program in the Department of Sociology requires a minimum GPA of 3.250 in sociology and overall. For general university requirements, see Graduation Requirements. (*For the 2019-20 academic year, and during remote instruction, grades of C or better or Pass, will be accepted) In order to participate in the honors track, students must be at least a first-semester junior with a minimum major GPA of 3.5. Course List. You can declare the major through LORIS using the "Program Selection Form" from Enrolment Services. The Sociology major provides a strong foundation in sociological research methods and theory while also allowing students to choose from a broad range of elective options to explore specific interests. The major requires successful completion of ten courses, distributed as specified below. I. Major and Requirements. Note 4: R SOC 355 and R SOC 450 have been approved for cross-listing as applicable to a major or minor in Sociology. Beyond these core requirements, elective courses are offered on a range of important sociological themes, including gender and family, social structure and personality, education, race and ethnicity, immigration, political sociology, international development, and the evolution of a world social system. If you have questions, stop in to see the advisor. PRINTABLE MAJOR WORKSHEET MAJOR MAP Class schedules. GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS 10 units. Visit. The Sociology major is non-capacity constrained major; if you meet our admissions requirements, you will be accepted. UMaine Catalog Degree/Graduation Requirements Sociology Degree Requirements: General Education Requirements information 2.0 cumulative GPA, or better, for the 27 credits of Sociology courses (12 Core credits & 15 Elective credits) required for the major. Concentrations . Requirements are listed below: SOCI 250, 251 and 252 should be taken, if possible, during the junior year. The student must complete the General Education requirements of the College of Arts & Sciences. Social Gerontology Concentration. SOCIOLOGY MAJOR REQUIREMENTS. Request Info. (7.0 credits in Sociology) 1. The major consists of five types of courses as listed below: introduction, theory, research skills, core areas, and electives. Students must have junior or senior standing and be a major in sociology. Major should consult with the Director of Undergraduate Studies about studying abroad or any unusual plans for completing the requirements. 1.0 SOC credit from 300-level "Program-Only" courses ( SOC319H1 – SOC354H1; Offerings will vary from year to year.). SOC201H1, SOC202H1, and SOC204H1. REQUIREMENTS Students are required to take 11 courses in sociology, including SOCL 101, 201, 202, 210, […] Our curriculum and major requirements recently changed. All courses taken to fulfill sociology requirements must be taken within CAS (unless approved as transfer-of-credit courses). The requirements of the sociology major are designed to provide a thorough grounding in sociological theory and methodology, while also allowing students to explore specific interests. Requirements for Students declaring the Sociology Major: Required core courses. The Sociology Major requires just 10 courses – 3 core courses and 7 electives. For the sociology minor requirements, click here. Sociology Major and Requirements. Sociology Major Requirements. All courses for the major must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher. Requirements. To enter the honours Sociology program you must first complete SY101 and have at least a C average (or 5.0 GPA) in your Sociology courses. GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS. Note 3: Sociology majors may take additional Sociology courses, up to a maximum of *48 senior level Sociology courses (above requirements, plus *18 optional senior level Sociology courses). If you enrolled before Fall 2016, click here for a full list of requirements. The Sociology Department welcomes applicants to the major every quarter, including Summer. Sociology Major Requirements; Sociology Major Requirements Interesting in becoming a Sociology major? You must also have a minimum 5.0 GPA across all your courses. The numbers in parentheses adjacent to the course name are the number of course units earned upon satisfactory completion of the course.. The Department of Sociology offers an optional twelve credit concentration in Social Gerontology for Sociology Majors only, including SOC 020 and SOC 120; either SOC 220 or SOC 222; and at least one course from SOC 154, SOC 254, or SOC 255. Students can declare a Major in Sociology upon obtaining third-year standing or completion of 60 credits. 0.5 SOC …

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