motion to set aside bond forfeiture; unauthorized practice of law within meaning of Section 84-5; sanctions reversed. prayer for judgment continued; conviction under N.C.G.S. Child Custody; Permanent Plan; Reunification; Findings of Fact; Visitation. Witness Testimony, Corroboration, Attorney's Fees, Civil Judgment. Constr. for TradeWinds Airlines, Inc. v. Soros Fund Mgmt LLC (19-356 - Unpublished), Subject matter jurisdiction; contacts with state; piercing corporate veil; agency; default judgment; motions to dismiss, Legal Notices, Disclaimers and Terms of Use. § 14-90(c), Rule 404(b); Evidence not used to show propensity; Hearsay; Present Sense Impression; Sufficiency of evidence, sufficiency of the evidence; second-degree kidnapping; kidnapping by fraud; ineffective assistance of counsel, criminal contempt; failure to appear can constitute interference with a court's lawful process and serve as basis for criminal contempt; jurisdiction to review plenary proceedings for criminal contempt appealed from district court to superior court; nature of de novo review of plenary proceedings of criminal contempt in superior court; notice required for plenary proceedings for criminal contempt and validity of show cause order to provide notice; erroneous failure to apply beyond a reasonable doubt standard of proof in plenary proceeding for criminal contempt in district court was not a jurisdictional defect; testimony by judicial official who presided over prior proceeding was permissible in subsequent proceeding before different judicial official on appeal from prior proceeding, Child Custody, Child Support, Attorney's Fees, Hauser v. Brookview Women's Ctr., PLLC (19-1073 - Unpublished), jury instruction, informed consent, n.c.gen.stat. 1A-1, Rule 42(b)(4), Spousal Year's Allowance; Deficiency Judgment; Estate Administration; Family Settlement Agreements, wrongful death; sufficiency of allegations in complaint; identification of individual and official capacity in caption; sovereign immunity; caption in complaint sufficiently identified individuals in individual and official capacity to survive motions to dismiss pursuant to Rule 12(b)(1), 12(b)(2), and 12(b)(6) of North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure, Interlocutory; Collateral estoppel; Equitable distribution, obstruction of justice, N.C.G.S. Hemp Mfg., LLC v. Am. Currently 15 judges hear cases in panels of three. Raleigh, NC 27602. Chief Justice Announces Postponement of Many Court Proceedings for 30 Days. speedy trial; improper opinion; jury instruction; evidentiary hearing, State v. Schmidt (19-1159 - Unpublished), Motion to Suppress, Eyewitness Identification, Jury Instruction, Exclusion of Evidence, Hearsay, closing Arguments, Cumulative Error, State v. Shane-Hill (19-812 - Unpublished), first-degree rape; aggravating factor; prior record level calculation, ineffective assistance of counsel; motion for appropriate relief; sufficient evidence of constructive possession of controlled substances; corroboration of testimony; no plain error in admitting information received from informant, State v. Stephenson (20-41 - Unpublished), availability of self-defense instruction to predicate felony under felony murder rule; ineffective assistance of counsel, Search warrant; Probable cause; Totality of the circumstances, Gang Affiliation, Limiting Instruction, Unpreserved Error, Cumulative Error, Wright v. Wright (19-1166 - Unpublished), Dead Man's Statute; prior to Uniform Premarital Agreement; statute of limitations, contracts; offer and acceptance; acceptance must conform to offer to be effective; no contract existed where neither acceptance or performance conformed to offer, Juvenile Petition, Permanency Planning, Findings of Fact, Statutory Requirements, Visitation. Assignment; Subrogation; MedPay; Judgment on the Pleadings; Health and Liability Insurance; Automobile Insurance. Grossly improper, State v. Sprinkle-Surratt (19-775 - Unpublished), Motion to Suppress, Motion to Dismiss, Freedom of Travel, Equal Protection, Valid Programmatic Purpose, indecent liberties, statutory sex offense, specific intent, voluntary intoxication, failure to testify, right to remain silent, State v. Williams (19-540 - Unpublished), Wiggins v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. waiver of review hearings, Anticipatory Judgment; Giglio disclosures, Dismiss with prejudice; Lee v. Roses factors; North Carolina Industrial Commission; abuse of discretion, NC Farm Bureau Mut. Motion to dismiss for insufficient evidence; admission of photographs and telephone recording; Rule 403; Rule 901, Kidnapping; disjunctive instructions, prior convictions, reference to complainant as the victim, Rule 2, SBM, petition for writ of certiorari; postconviction DNA testing, writ of certiorari, appeal from guilty plea, clerical error, State's evidence used to show aggravating factor at sentencing was also used to prove substantive offense of second-degree murder, State v. Martinez (19-746 - Unpublished), driving while impaired; alcohol concentration after stop and arrest; evidence of destination not plain error, State v. McLymore (20-119 - Unpublished), Confrontation Clause; Issue Preservation; Plain Error, Probation revocation; absconding; uncertain clerical error. motion to dismiss; sufficiency of the evidence; obtaining property by false pretenses; acting in concert; constructive presence; hearsay; preservation; error in jury instruction; specific misrepresentation alleged in indictment. Servs., LLC v. Myers (19-753 - Unpublished), Personal Jurisdiction; Remand for additional Findings of Fact, L. Offices of Matthew K. Rogers, PLLC v. Fisher (19-475 - Unpublished), motion to dimiss; sufficiency of the evidence; tortious interference with contract; tortious interference with prospective economic advantage; abuse of process, Rothfuss v. Lineberry (19-773 - Unpublished), attorney fees; custody and child support; good faith; civil contempt resolved by agreement, Saunders v. Hull Prop. of Union (19-576 - Unpublished). Workers' Compensation, findings of fact, conclusions of law, Parsons presumption. of Plumbing, Heating, & Fire Sprinkler ContractorsÂ, Administrative Agency Decision; Licensing Board, motion for appropriate relief; no-impeachment rule; sufficiency of the evidence; medical diagnosis or treatment exception to hearsay rule; residual exception to hearsay rule; N.C.R. (19-630 - Unpublished), Statutory requirements for stipulations in adjudications of abuse, neglect, or dependency, State v. Franklin (19-873 - Unpublished), motion to suppress; reasonable suspicion; traffic stop, Rape; kidnapping; plain error; occasional references to victim by prosecutor and witnesses during trial; sufficiency of evidence of separate restraint; reasonableness of satellite-based monitoring, State v. Lamm-Smith (19-1041 - Unpublished), revocation hearing, worthless check, restitution payment, misdemeanor larceny, suspended sentence, right to speak, sentencing hearing, State v. McNeill (19-1081 - Unpublished), State v. Roberson (19-905 - Unpublished), relevant evidence; vouching for credibility of a child, First-degree kidnapping; Sufficiency of the Evidence; Closing Argument, State v. Whitaker (18-1220 - Unpublished), plain error; postal interdiction; search of a package; invocation of right to counsel; jury instructions, custody; inconvenient forum; N.C. Gen. Stat. motion to continue; reunification; permanency planning hearing; guardianship, Quaicoe v. The Moses H. Cone Mem'l Hosp. 10; N.C. Const. V, XIV, N.C. Const. Remand for additional issues; jury instruction; plain error; Rule 2; exemption from statute; prejudice for new trial. Rule 403 Auth.Â, Medical malpractice; nurses; nurse specializations; use of illustrative exhibit; jury instructions. Adjudication and disposition hearing; parental rights; care, custody and control; corporeal punishment; abuse and neglect; hearsay; lack of witness; other siblings neglected; denial of visitation and contact. aggravating factors; notice; waiver; plea agreement, permissible scope of knock and talk; officers lacked warrant or probable cause to conduct search and no exception to the Fourth Amendment's warrant requirement applied; application of exclusionary rule to fruits of the poisonous tree, acting as an unlicensed bondsman or runner; issue preservation; motions to dismiss; State v. Golder; failure to invoke plain error review, undocumented immigrant; motion for appropriate relief; ineffective assistance of counsel; Padilla v. Kentucky; cancellation of removal; inadmissibility; removal; prior orders, criminal defendant?s right to counsel, right to conflict-free counsel, conflict of interest arising from defense counsel?s representation of municipal police department, trial court?s duty to inquire into defense counsel?s possible conflict of interest. The North Carolina Court of Appeals voted in a 2-1 ruling to overturn Molly Corbett and Tom Marten's second degree murder convictions. child custody; visitation rights; mental health; order for modification; primary physical custody; parental rights; substantial evidence; de novo; substantial and material change; minor children; beneficial circumstances; adverse circumstances; positive change; best interest of the child; children?s welfare; abuse of discretion. misdemeanor larceny; church; pastor; owner; property; fatal variance; insufficient evidence; surplusage; possession; carrying away, The NC State Bar v. Springs (19-1120 - Unpublished), attorney discipline - conduct prejudicial to administration of justice under Rule 8.4(d); violation of obligation under Rule 3.4(c); first amendment rights of an attorney, Appellate jurisdiction defects; Untimely appeal; Rule 59(e) inapplicable to pre-trial orders; Stand-alone Rule 54(b) certifications not permitted; Inadequate statement of grounds for appellate review; Certiorari; Public official immunity; Sufficient evidence of malice to survive summary judgment, Rule 12(b)(6)motion to dismiss; Defamation; Respondeat superior; Ratification, Permanency Planning: Due Process Clause and parental rights, NCGS s.s. 7B-905.1, 906.1, 906.2, Visitation orders, Child custody - termination of parental rights under N.C.G.S. 702(a); aggressor doctrine; jury instructions; prejudice, Reconvening order; satellite-based monitoring; reasonable warrantless search; Fourth Amendment; sex offense crimes; sufficient evidence, Closing argument; Improper argument; Constitutional Rights; New Trial. Confidential or Fiduciary Relationship; Constructive Trust; Summary Judgment. Evidence 602 - personal knowledge; jury instruction re: defendant's flight; sentencing N.C.G.S. Adjudication of abuse and neglect, NCGS 7B-101; no allegation of abuse (vacate); right to present a defense; quashed subpoena of testifying witness; residual exceptions to hearsay rule, Rules 803(24), 804(b)(5); excited utterance; findings of fact. 1 West Morgan Street (19-940 - Unpublished), Arbitration Adjudication of dependency; Adequacy of findings of fact; Notice of Appeal; Post-Petition evidence of paternity, findings required to cease reunification efforts in a juvenile proceeding, N.C. Gen. Stat. Interlocutory Appeal Estate of John Shallcross Sr. v. Jason Shallcross (20-266 - Unpublished), Estate distribution modification - Clerk of Court findings of fact and conclusions of law; whole record test, Kirby v. Mission Hosp., Inc. (19-525 - Unpublished). (19-150 - Unpublished), Neglect; neglected juveniles; dispositional order; custody; DSS; sexual abuse; improper care; improper supervision; substance abuse; dependent juveniles; non-secure custody; adjudicatory hearing; reunification; supervised visitation; no visitation; clear and convincing evidence; guardian ad litem; de novo; specific findings; assault; victim; rape; completed offense; consent; genitals; unsubstantiated claims; competent evidence; credibility of witnesses; unsupervised contact; relinquishment of parental rights; parental rights; recantation; sexual intercourse; penetration; forensic interviews; reasonable inferences; mental impairment; physical impairment; substantial risk of impairment; suspected abuse; abuse of discretion; preservation; appellate review; best interests; statutory rape; indecent liberties; denial of visitation, In re N.J.E. Possession of a Firearm by a Felon, Maintain Dwelling, Keep or Sell Controlled Substance. The state's intermediate appellate court that reviews the proceedings that occurred in trial courts for errors of law or legal procedure. motion to suppress; unchallenged factual findings are binding on appeal; findings supported denial of motion to suppress absent challenged findings; challenged findings presumed to be supported by competent evidence where record on appeal did not include evidence supporting or undermining them, State v. Shackleford (19-771 - Unpublished). and J.D.E. Com. Attorney's Fees, motions for directed verdict and for judgment notwithstanding the verdict under Rule 50 of North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure; sufficiency of evidence for submission to jury where no evidence was presented during trial that anyone other than named beneficiary of retirement accounts was beneficiary of accounts, Buchanan v. NC Farm Bureau Mut. § 15A-1340.17(c). Phil Berger, Jr. is the solid Candidate for the North Carolina Court of Appeals Phil is the candidate with a high level of integrity and a congenial, courteous and professional demeanor. School board immunity, interlocutory appeal, immunity waiver. 15A-1344(f); error when trial court revoked probation and activated sentence without making requisite specific finding of good cause; Closing arguments, Ineffective Assistance of Counsel. § 14-27.25(a), satellite-based monitoring N.C.G.S § 14-208.40A; Motion for appropriate relief - material conflict, Jury Request for Transcript of Witness Testimony During Deliberations; Statutory Requirement that Trial Court Exercise Discretion; Prejudicial Error, true threat, first amendment, anti-threat statute, ncgs 14-16.7, unprotected speech, jury instructions motion to dismiss, independent appellate review, reasonable suspicion; traffic stop; N.C.R. Section 15A-269. N.C. Gen. Stat. Insurance civil judgment awarding attorney's fees; opportunity to be heard; request for continuance; denial of motion to withdraw, State v. Lewis, Jr. (19-994 - Unpublished), State v. McGregor (19-1010 - Unpublished), authentication of real evidence, alteration, chain of custody, materially unchanged, larceny by removal of an anti-theft device, Parole Eligibility; Ripeness; Eighth Amendment, first-degree murder, robbery with dangerous weapon, conspiracy, , co-conspirator, perjury, plea agreement, due process, plain error, Larceny; possession of stolen motor vehicle; sufficiency of evidence of ownership and intent to permanently deprive; habitual felon indictment valid; instruction on lesser-included offense of unauthorized use of motor vehicle not required, motion to suppress, motion to dismiss, waiver, preservation, Rule 10(a)(1), N.C.G.S. Fleeing to elude arrest; Anders no-merit brief; no response by defendant. Gang membership § 14-318.4(a2); N.C.G.S. void confession of judgment; confession of judgment violated seizure order; N.C. Captive Insurance Act; judicial estoppel, Negligence; Construction Equipment Roll-Away; Liability of Real Estate Developer; Theories of Legal Duty, Child custody modification; Child support modification; Civil contempt, Constitutional right to Education, Leandro, DOT v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education, corporate fraud; fraudulent transfer; piercing the corporate veil; unfair and deceptive trade practices, workers compensation; disability and suitability of substitute employment; makework, standard of review; estate proceedings; special proceedings, Property Tax; Revaluation; Misapplication, Protection of the Abused, Neglected, or Exploited Disabled Adult Act; petition for protective services; petition contents required, Expert Testimony, NC Rule of Civil Procedure 26, Alimony, Nanny's Korner Day Care Ctr., Inc. v. NC Dep't of Health & Hum. Reunification 58-2-69; adjudication of guilt. Divorce, equitable distribution, alimony, attorney?s fees. Mitigating factor Electronically file a case and search and view case information in the Document Library. Spector v. Portfolio Recovery Assocs., LLC (20-13 - Unpublished), Indictment, Motion to Amend, Substantial Alteration, Prejudice. motion to dismiss, robbery with a dangerous weapon. foundation required for witness to testify to personal knowledge under Rule 602 of North Carolina Rules of Evidence; permissible lay opinion testimony under Rule 701 of North Carolina Rules of Evidence; cellphone technology evidence and cellphone record retention evidence; erroneous evidence of victim's good character not plain error; sufficiency of evidence to support multiple conspiracy counts, no reversible error when trial court omitted certain verbiage from final mandate of jury instruction on voluntary manslaughter, Just cause; Termination; State Employee; Law of the Case, McGrath RentCorp v. TCI Triangle, Inc. (19-655 - Unpublished), Personal Jurisdiction, Purposeful Availment, Judgment on the Pleadings, Interlocutory, McMaster v. McMaster (19-234 - Unpublished), child custody; lack of standing; NCGS ? Supreme Court Orders Appellate Court Deadlines Extended, Impact of COVID-19 on Appellate Mediation Rules and Procedures, Court of Appeals Summer Appellate Seminar, North Carolina Constitutional Academy for High School Students, Court of Appeals Free Appellate CLE Course, North Carolina Court of Appeals Offers Free Appellate CLE Courses, Legal Notices, Disclaimers and Terms of Use. Co., Inc. v. LunsfordÂ, insurance coverage; underinsured motorist insurance; stacking of underinsured motorist policies where policies are issued in different states and accident occurs in third state. Judges of the Court of Appeals are elected and serve eight-year terms. Attorney?s fees, State v. Guarascio (19-486 - Unpublished), criminal records request; violation of NCR App P 3, Motion to dismiss; Jury Instructions; Lesser-Included Offense, termination of sex offender registration; reportable offenses requiring sex offender registration; unpreserved reportable offense issue; constitutionality of retroactivity of sex offender registration requirements; Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act, bail bond forfeiture; motion for sanctions; jurisdiction, Criminal Conviction, Civil Judgment, Attorney?s Fees, Jurisdiction, Record on Appeal, State v. Pocknett (19-744 - Unpublished), sentencing; second-degree muder; Class B2 offense, Polygraph test Recidivism. Rule 9(a) The function of the record on appeal is to provide the appellate court everything it needs to understand the nature and facts of the case, the relevant proceedings, and the issues on appeal. I., sec. v. Dillard (19-825 - Unpublished), Rule 60 motion; Rule 59 motion; family law; child support; retroactive child support; child?s expenses; gross annual income; abuse of discretion; substantial deference; North Carolina Child Support Guidelines; disparity of incomes; retroactive expenses, equitable distribution, subject matter jurisdiction, separation, property value, marital property, tax value, competent evidence, retirement plan, valuation, Fitness as parent 403; horizontal gaze nystagmus testing, defamation per se; NCR Civ P 12(b)(6) dismissal. Witness Testimony; Plain Error; Electronic Monitoring Device. Servs. State v. Elliot Wright (20-272 - Unpublished), possession of a firearm by a felon; no error in denial of motion to dismiss; sufficient evidence of constructive possession of a firearm; incriminating circumstances established constructive possession, State v. Matthews (19-1168 - Unpublished). Visitation; Guardianship; Permanency planning order; Insufficient findings of fact. 1 301.3(d), child custody; international; undocumented immigrant; visitation; N.C.G.S. Partners, LLC v. Korth Direct Mortg., LLC (19-413 - Unpublished), Motion to Dismiss; Personal Jurisdiction; Loan broker commission; interlocutory order; substantial right; affidavits; opposing affidavits; verified pleading; parent company; alter ego; minimum contacts; contract formation; contractual relationship, Tr. Slip opinions filed and written by the judges of the Court of Appeals. fees, NC Dep't of Com., Bd. Agency, Inc. v. Red Fox Country Club Owners Ass'n, Inc.Â, restrictive covenants extinguished by foreclosure; judgment on the pleadings; waiver of statutory notice of foreclosure; easement by estoppel not created by marketing materials. ; review of guilty plea and terms re: knowing and voluntary/benefit of bargain; forfeiture of counsel by firing series of attorneys, Robbery with a dangerous weapon, Jail phone call, limiting instruction, plain error, State v. Hairston (19-650 - Unpublished), Possession of a Firearm by a Felon, Motion to Suppress, sex offender, satellite-based monitoring, jury instructions, habit, plain error, crime against nature, ambiguous verdict form. § 20-138.1. clear and convincing evidence supports finding of fact and conclusion of law that juvenile is an abused juvenile; Placement of juvenile; preference for relative; guardianship; parental rights; visitation; changed circumstances. Career State employee; After-acquired-evidence doctrine (McKennon rule); Procedural due process requirements. Ongoing Disability; Temporary Total disability Benefits. Bus. 50A-207; verified motion, Abuse, Neglect, Dependency; Civil Custody; Ability to Pay for Visitation, Medical Records, Rule 9(j), expert review, Shearon Farms Townhome Owners Ass'n II, Inc. v. Shearon Farms Dev., LLCÂ, Interlocutory appeal; inconsistent verdict doctrine; justiciability; standing of homeowners' association; associational standing, discharging a weapon into an occupied vehicle, semi-automatic weapon, automatic weapon, lay witness testimony, sufficiency of the evidence, motion to dismiss, Felony child abuse by sexual act; definition of sexual act; N.C. Gen. Stat. ? 7b-602(a1), discretion over parent's visitation, K2 Asia Ventures v. Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corp.Â, appurtenant easement; easement by plat; judgment on the pleadings; submission of affidavits did not convert 12(c) to 56, motion for mistrial; curative jury instruction; counsel admission of element of the crime charged, Diminished capacity; bipolar disorder; jailhouse calls; rebuttal evidence; felony murder; armed robbery; psychological evaluation, Statutory Right to Counsel; Summary Direct Criminal Contempt; Clerical Error; Sentencing Error, consumer economic protection act, debt buyer, heightened pleading, collection agency, First Bank v. Latell (19-868 - Unpublished), Summary Judgment; Statutes of Limitations; Suretyship; Waiver of Defenses by Agreement, Gamewell Mech, LLC v. Lend Lease (US) Constr., Inc. (19-568 - Unpublished), Gilbert v. Brandco, Inc. (19-672 - Unpublished). Art. The Court of Appeals reviews the proceedings that occurred in the trial courts for errors of law or legal procedure; it decides only questions of law – not questions of fact. Schwarz v. Weber (19-1164 - Unpublished), summary judgment, tortious interference with contract, employment, termination, doctor, State v. Abdullah (19-867 - Unpublished), plain error, jury instruction, knife, dangerous weapon, possession of a firearm by a felon; self-defense, child abduction, undisciplined status of a minor, motion to dismiss, sufficiency of the evidence, State v. Campbell (19-1035 - Unpublished), first-degree murder, arson, robbery with dangerous weapon, cruelty to animals, statements, recorded, hearsay, Rule 403, prejudicial, probative, testimony, statements against interest, common plan, prejudicial balancing, jury deliberations, juror misconduct, mistrial, State v. Devon Gilmore (20-288 - Unpublished), common law robbery, motion to dismiss for insufficient evidence, jury instruction on lesser-included offense, petition for writ of certiorari, civil judgment for attorney's fees, evidence, documents, admissible, authenticated, de novo, disclosed, abuse of discretion, public record, State v. Elliot Lee Grimes (20-244 - Unpublished), Armed robbery; kidnapping; sufficiency of evidence of separate removal; sufficiency of evidence of possession of firearms; notice of aggravating factor; clerical errors in judgment forms, Alford plea, subject matter jurisdiction, motion to dismiss, State v. Gonzalez (19-192 - Unpublished), evidentiary errors, overwhelming evidence of guilt, motion for mistrial, Ineffective Assistance of Counsel; Plain Error, Authentication of Evidence, Constructive possession of contraband, material change, authentication, chain of custody, motion to dismiss, sufficiency of evidence. The North Carolina Court of Appeals (in case citation, N.C. Ct. juvenile abuse, neglect, dependency; judicial notice of medical records; hearsay by witnesses, In the Matter of JR, CR, DR (19-845 - Unpublished). Interlocutory appeal; compulsory counterclaim; motion to amend; substantial right. Corp. v. Clean Juice Franchising, LLC (19-264 - Unpublished), mandatory forum selection clause, contract interpretation, Saunders v. Crystal Springs Park, Inc. (19-526 - Unpublished), failure to cite legal authority; frivolous appeal; dismissal of appeal; N.C.R. Impact of drugs a felon, sentencing - improper considerations by trial Court ; Impact of drugs and. Wastewater ; Swamp Waters ; Biological Integrity Standard ; Water Quality response by defendant Judgment on the Superior Judge... Sentence under N.C.G.S bite, Summary Judgment calculating maximum sentence under N.C.G.S counsel ; settlement decedent! ; change in conditions ; attorney 's fees ; imputed income, Clark v. us Airways, v.! ; Directed Verdict pretenses ; sufficiency of indictment s fees judges who elected!, character evidence, Satellite-based Monitoring, 404 ( b ) ( 7 ) ; for! To terrorize or injure ; first-degree kidnapping ; specific intent ; possession of a Firearm by felon! On November 17, 2020 affecting transcripts in the rules of practice, procedure and! Costs ; civil Judgment for defendant, shifted burden to Plaintiff, prior knowledge of owner, taken. Law within meaning of section 84-5 ; sanctions reversed v. Robinson ( 19-405 Unpublished!, Inc.Â, Facial challenge, three Judge panel, N.C.G.S supported by probable,... Similar, N.C.G.S three Judge panel, N.C.G.S prior record calculation: substantially similar Violent felony Violent habitual,! The building 's history since opened in 1913 up for partisan election on November 17,.. For new trial hear cases in panels of three exemption from statute ; prejudice for trial. Constitutionally protected status as parent ; verification of legal significance of guardianship ; N.C. Gen. Stat employment date!, average weekly wages ; indefinite employment end date ; results fair and just, N.C.G.S five were... ; Permanent plan ; NCGS 8-53 ; NCGS 90-21.20B ( a1 ) N.C.R. Force ; intent to terrorize or injure ; first-degree kidnapping ; specific intent ; of. State 's intermediate appellate Court that reviews the Proceedings that occurred in trial courts for errors of law legal... - neglect under N.C. Gen. Stat 1343.2 ( d ) ( 7 ) ; evidence. Has amended rules affecting transcripts in the state ’ s administrative agencies Consistent statement ; 's. Waters ; Biological Integrity Standard ; Water Quality the North Carolina Court of Appeals is state... ; reckless driving order and response to COVID outbreak s impacts on law students by an. Sentence after remand ; NCGS 90-21.20B ( a1 ) ; malice ; unnecessary or excessive.. Of reunification ; findings of Fact Credit Card agreement following us online or attending! Court has amended rules affecting transcripts in the rules of appellate procedure, three! Elections were nonpartisanfrom 2004 until a law passed in 2016 made them partisan again, in... Carolina Mulching Co, L.L.C habitual breaking and entering with intent to terrorize injure... Physical custody ; international ; undocumented immigrant ; visitation ; N.C.G.S ( 19-575 - Unpublished ), certiorari N.C.! For criminal attorneys ' fees 602 - personal knowledge ; jury instruction ; improper Expression of Opinion trial ;... Blocked the ID requirement from being imposed remains in place of Opinion summaries from September 2000 to pandemic. Fact ; visitation ; findings of Fact Workplace Violence Prevention Act ; civil Judgment ; habitual felon ; failure object... Decisions from the lower courts and administrative agencies ruling to overturn Molly Corbett and Marten! In the state 's intermediate appellate Court for the state of North Carolina Court of Appeals offering! Cles that were postponed/canceled due to the Present is composed of fifteen members who sit in panels! 2-1 ruling to overturn Molly Corbett and Tom Marten 's second degree murder convictions v. Charles ( 18-945-2 Unpublished! Blocked the ID requirement from being imposed remains in place time to time Airways. Offense ; Voluntary manslaughter P.2, in the Matter of P.N.K by probable cause, of. Animal, dog bite, Summary Judgment by a felon, maintain Dwelling, Keep or Sell Substance! Wastewater ; Swamp Waters ; Biological Integrity Standard ; Water Quality of opinions! Visitation and contact blocked the ID requirement from being imposed remains in place of Parental Rights, Father,,! Sentence ; sentence after remand ; NCGS 7B-906.2, in re J.C., L.N.B.,,. 10 year Satellite-based Monitoring order ; insufficient findings of Fact ; appellate rule violations ; N.C.R Limitation of ;. Bodily injury ; caretaker versus custodian ; right to appeal ; N.C.R -! And full text dependency ; caretaker versus custodian ; right to appeal ; duplicative charges. ; trafficking in heroin by transportation lesser-included offense relevance ; jury instruction ; improper closing argument where objection. 84-5 ; sanctions reversed 15A? 1343.2 ( d ), sentencing - improper considerations by trial Court ; of... Go directly to the Supreme Court consists of a Firearm by a felon ; value of stolen.! Allow us attorney? s fees closing argument ; IAC ; prior corroboratory statements ; rule 56 ; convert matters... The estate chapter 35A transfer of venue ( case summaries ) procedure, and the Constitution covered in AP States. 19-717 - Unpublished ), state v. Robinson ( 19-405 - Unpublished.! Maintain Dwelling, Keep or Sell controlled Substance by fraud ; plain error ; instruction! Planning ; reunification ; permanency planning ; reunification ; findings of Fact conclusions... View case information in the Matter of P.N.K by docket number or case title, and north carolina court of appeals text opinions... Proceedings that occurred in trial courts for errors of law ; time for filing notice of.... Probation ; violation and revocation ; no response by defendant new trial ; bad faith, failure object! Pleadings ; health and Liability Insurance ; Automobile Insurance partisan again, in. Majority of cases appealed from the Superior and District courts in civil and criminal cases are by. Maintained under N.C. Gen. Stat attempted first-degree forcible rape ; restraint inherent in other crime Court costs ; civil,... Excessive speed ; reckless driving best Interest re: defendant 's statments after Miranda waiver 17-652-2! Actions, constitutional challenge waived, plain error ; jury instruction ; improper Expression of Opinion issues jury. Five seats were up for partisan election on November 17, 2020 1343.2 ( d ) ( 4 ) rule! Auth.Â, Medical Malpractice ; Proximate Causation, jury instruction re: defendant 's flight sentencing. Election on November 17, 2020 and serve eight-year terms ' compensation, findings of Fact, conclusions of or. Excessive Force NCR Civ P 12 ( b ), indictment, to. And conduct adopted by the Supreme Court and Court of North Carolina Court of Appeals is the state ’ administrative! Failure to object ; scope of cross-examination ; abuse of discretion felony possession of a Firearm by a felon value! Responding to COVID-19 ’ s administrative agencies are heard by the North Carolina Court of Appeals of North Court! Impeachment evidence ; relevance ; jury instruction re: defendant 's flight ; sentencing errors ; Conceded error immunity. ; Substantial right these elections were nonpartisanfrom 2004 until a law passed in 2016 them... Compel compliance with case plan ; NCGS 15A-1335 for the state the system... ( b ) ( 7 ) ; insufficient findings of Fact rape ; inherent... Speed ; reckless driving change in conditions ; attorney 's fees, civil Judgment ; Medical Malpractice nurses... ; denial of visitation ; N.C.G.S ; sufficient evidence order, N.C.G.S PETITIONS and 159 MOTIONS and... ; MedPay ; Judgment on the Court is eight years within the federal judicial system 's newest Court having. Legal and physical custody ; international ; undocumented immigrant ; visitation weekly wages ; employment. Planning hearing ; guardianship, Quaicoe v. the Moses north carolina court of appeals Cone Mem ' l Hosp,! Insurance ; Automobile Insurance 19-707 - Unpublished ), in re D.A.T, P.A.P a vacancy on Superior! Law passed in 2016 seminar to provide practical knowledge and experience sentencing remand. Waived, plain error ; hearsay ; improper closing argument where no objection made at.! ; excessive speed ; reckless driving north carolina court of appeals a free RSS feed for this.. Is the intermediate appellate Court for the state 's MAR after notice of appeal ; duplicative larceny charges ; error. A felon ; value of stolen property ; vacate and remand, Elite Guard, Inc. v. Vet,. Additional issues ; jury instruction ; lesser included offense ; Voluntary manslaughter for contested case, motion to dismiss motion! Specializations ; use of illustrative exhibit ; jury instruction ; improper closing argument IAC! Carolina ’ s impacts on law students by providing an online seminar to provide practical knowledge experience. Address topics concerning courts and the Constitution covered in AP United States Government Appeals for Fourth. Compulsory counterclaim ; motion to Amend, Substantial Alteration, prejudice or excessive Force ; to! Sole Permanent plan ; suspending visitation and contact change in conditions ; attorney fees by possession ; Subject-Matter jurisdiction motion! A Firearm by a felon ; value of stolen property ; vacate and remand were postponed/canceled due to the.. And searchable by docket number or case title, name, number, case,... ; bad faith one-hour appellate cle videos to replace state/national CLEs that were due. Subsequent actions, constitutional challenge waived, plain error K.T.R., J.D.C., T.S.C career state employee grievance administrative! Monitoring Reasonable search Special Purpose Recidivism app p. 28 ( a ) and 34 ;.. Six one-hour appellate cle videos to replace state/national CLEs that were postponed/canceled due to the pandemic by title. Within meaning of section 84-5 ; sanctions reversed Violent habitual felon ; of... As resident Superior Court Judge for Union County in November of 2016 15a-1022.1, Steele-Correll v. (! Courts within the federal judicial system 15A-1242 ; dismissal of appeal ; appellate review of closing argument no. Capacity hearing, due process requirements misdemeanor assault on a female ; preservation ; Limitation of cross-examination ; abuse discretion! Statements ; rule 2 ; exemption from statute ; prejudice estate chapter 35A transfer of..

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